Ways to Wear T-shirts to Work

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Here Are Some Ways To Wear T-shirts To Work

There was a time when ‘casual Fridays’ for office goers means dressing up in anything other than formals to celebrate the end of a workweek. People showed up in t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, hoodies- basically, anything that was appropriate and permissible. Today, things have started to change. Workplaces are beginning to embrace a culture that allows you to be casual every day of the week while striking a balance between style and professionalism with your work outfits. One wardrobe must-have that can help you achieve that is t-shirts. Using out short sleeve shop you can do the following:
  • T-shirts with mom jeans

No one likes to dress up for work after a stress-free weekend. In this case, pair a simple t-shirt with your mom jeans. T-shirts are an effortless outfit option that offers an excellent way to deal with your Monday blues. You can also add a pair of sneakers to make the look more casual. If you want to look more put together, some colorful pointy-toe heels can easily do that trick.

  • T-shirts with skirts

The styling options are endless when it comes to pairing t-shirts with skirts. For instance, for a work meeting, you can go for a t-shirt with a plaid pencil skirt look, paired with statement heels. For the more laid back days, a mini skirt (if your office allows it) with a cool printed t-shirt and combat boots can work wonders. You can also consider looking for a long sleeve t-shirt shop and follow these rules.

  • T-shirts with dresses

Layering is not just for winter. It is also a great styling trick for when you want to wear a strappy dress to work without causing a scandal. Adding a t-shirt under the dress will make your outfit more work-appropriate. You can also wear your t-shirt over the dress for a fun twist.

  • T-shirts with suits

Nothing screams business casual more than pairing a chic t-shirt with a power suit. You can wear a printed or graphic t-shirt under your suit to lend a slightly fun twist to an otherwise monotonous outfit. You can also wear a skirt and blazer co-ord with a basic t-shirt underneath for a casual yet elegant look.

T-shirts are not just comfortable, but also elegant and chic if you know how to style the right way. They are essentially one of the must-haves in every girl’s work wardrobe. So start looking for a long or short sleeve t-shirt shop.


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