Complicosis - the meaning

Posted by Nick Masters on

The meaning of this word is pretty obvious after reading it.  It seems time and again things, that should be simple, become much, much more.  I used to work in computers and so often projects would come up that at first seemed the best thing in the world.  And then, boom, things just don't turn out well.  

For example I was asked to create a web site for our group, not the business.  Right away I saw this was going to change, and brought it up.  It was ignored, mostly due to not understanding what I was saying.  There is a whole company and each group is doing only their part.  Not only that, I was to come up with the colors, using those above me.  I really had fun with this part, LOL.  It ended up being black and gray.  Two bosses with different ideas.  Of course it was a mess.  And eventually, as I had said, all of this, like other groups too, was incorporated into one website, with all our parts added into it from an outside menu.  Just made it even sillier. 

It's all good, that company was bought out by an even bigger company and things moved on!!!  But Complicosis was a big part of everything in this project!   And no matter what was said, it didn't matter.    


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